It's now just two weeks until the BSL Zone's new drama Supersonic will be premiered online and on TV. Here, Producer Maverick Litchfield-Kelly tells us about how the film came about.

How did you first find out about the idea for Supersonic?

Sam pitched me the idea last year originally for another funding scheme. I knew we couldn't make it for that money so I suggested making it a Deaf story and then waiting for the next commission from the BSLBT. We pitched the idea and then in February we found it we won the commission.

What was it like to work with Sam again?

It is always a pleasure to work with Sam. We have been collaborating for five years now with Zoom and Chasing Cotton Clouds. Sam has been a part of almost every BSL film I have produced.

How did filming go?

Filming was tough. It was a tight schedule with lots of locations but as always with the hard work of Sam and the crew we got there.

How do you feel about the final film?

I think the final film is great, a really interesting take on the Superhero genre. I think it will do well at both Deaf and mainstream festivals around the world as it is very different.