Here's our interview with Camilla Arnold, the Director of our new documentary Scottish Islanders, which premieres on TV and online tonight.

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Why is documentary making so important?

Documentary making is incredibly important in the sense that they entertain but also inform, educate and surprise viewers. 

There's simply not enough documentaries being made for the Deaf community. I would love to see more being produced in next few years, there are so many Deaf issues out there waiting to be exposed and discussed publicly. 

The weather conditions during filming were a challenge for the crew.  What other obstacles did you encounter filming somewhere so remote? 

We had huge issues making initial contact with our contributors and even resorted to good old fashioned letter writing!

Another issue was travel- we are based in London so it’s incredibly costly and time consuming to reach the Islands.  

Quite simply we didn't have the budget or the time to revisit so there was extra pressure to forge relationships with contributors on the spot, getting all the shots and content in one go. 

Do you think the issues Scottish Islanders tackles will be here for years to come?

Deaf people being a minority is a recurring theme we see all too often.  

I hope the situation on the Islands improves as a result of the documentary but the same problem of loneliness and isolation, stemming from the lack of support and deaf awareness, will continue to exist elsewhere.

The same question will be asked- why should I move from my home just because I am Deaf?

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