The cast and crew of our Christmas drama Tree Fairy are now recovering after their four day shoot.
If you want to know more about the film, just watch our Outreach Worker Steven Wynne's video on the righ-hand side of this page!
Producer Camilla Arnold said: "We got through 6 multi-packs of teabags, 15 boxes of croissants and 100 sandwiches! Despite the madness, the collaboration betweeen Louis Neethling (director) and Alex Ryle (cameraman) has produced beautiful footage that we can't wait to show you!"
"The cast were fantastic, especially Olivia Jordan-Caws, who played Libby- our star. Despite never acting before, Olivia took to it like a duck to the water and was a natural (she even starting mimicking Louis' directing, telling other actors what to do! We think we have a future director in the making!).
She added: "We start editing the footage next week, giving us two weeks to put together a rough cut before the CSO shoot where we will film the fairy up against a green screen. We will use the rough cut to work out the eye line and the actions for our fairy. This is something that we've never done before and we really excited to see it all coming together!"

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