Saturday 17th September marks a special day; it will be exactly one year since the BSL (Scotland) Bill was passed by all parties in Scottish Parliament, paving the way for the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015.

If you’re interested in finding out more, we have two documentaries that were produced by and presented by Clark Denmark.

The Battle for BSL looks at the history of BSL, especially in Scotland; how BSL was first identified and has risen in status through the years, thanks to research, television coverage and campaigning.  It looks at how the BSL Bill came about and who was involved in it.  

Cheers for BSL is a documentary about the Stage 3 debate in Scottish Parliament on 17 September 2015.  MSPs from different parties gave speeches about what the BSL (Scotland) Act should include and why, and then it was announced that the Bill had been passed.

BSLBT would like to congratulate all who were involved in working to making this happen!