There were jubilant scenes on the set of our new drama Battle Lines last week, when filming was completed.

On the right, you can see some photos from the filming, including seeing some characters in key scenes from the film.

Director Julian Peedle-Calloo said: "I can’t believe that the filming is now complete. From the seed of an idea, I feel like a huge tree has grown! After months spent writing it is so nice to see all that work transported onto the screen – a picture really does paint a thousand words!"

He added: "The filming was at times exhausting and challenging, but the team were fantastic – we all worked really well together and the nice weather up at the Black Country Museum certainly helped!

It's now time to start cutting the footage together. Julian said: "I am now looking forward to the edit, as this is one of the most important parts for me – it can change a good film into a great one, and I am excited to see all the ends tied up and my project finally bear fruit."

Producer Justin Edgar said: "It was an amazing week, we shot our zeppelin scene on the penultimate night with 30 extras! We are now wrapped and have a mountain of footage to go assemble into the rough cut and also do CGI work and music. We are hoping to have the film finished in early August so we can begin entering for various festivals and get everything delivered for broadcast."