The BSL Zone drama The End, directed by Ted Evans, has won the International TV award of Sign Language Productions, which was held in Sweden.

The aim of the award is to promote the production of sign language programmes.

The film was produced by Neath Films as part of the BSL Zone's Zoom Focus scheme, and is a drama made in a documentary style.

It looks at what happens when deafness can be cured - and the effects on Deaf culture.

The jury said:

"The End is a low budget yet high quality film with a strong and important message to the world. Telling the story of four deaf childrens different ways in life, it is a dystopia making us think twice about where this world is going."

"With a strong Deafhood perspective Ted Evans has captured the medical and political threats to the Deaf community at the same time reminding us once again why we should continue to struggle for the survival of our beautiful and expressive sign language and deaf culture. What would the world be without the beauty of diversity?"

To watch the film, click here.