Ted Evans’ film, The End, will be shown in Tokyo, Japan, on 3rd November! It was shown there last year at the first Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival (TDF), and was very popular, so the TDF organisers are screening it again at an event for people who may be interested in submitting films for the second TDF in 2019.

Yoko Yuyama from the TDF said, “We chose The End because it is such an emotional film, and is famous in the Deaf community in Japan, so will attract more participants.  Also. we want to introduce it as a good role model, to raise awareness of the talent available and prove that there is no difference between Deaf and hearing people in the film industry.  We also plan to mention BSL Zone, while introducing talented Deaf creators and Deaf film organisations.”

Congratulations to all involved in The End!  Excellent news.

TDF are now accepting film submissions for TDF 2019 until 31st December 2018. The date of TDF 2019 event will be announced early next year.  If you’d like more information, click here!