Great news – Rinkoo Barpaga’s Zoom Focus 2014 documentary, Double Discrimination, is being screened at Douarenenez Film Festival in France!

Douarenenez Film Festival is on from 17th-25th August and Double Discrimination is being shown as part of its World of the Deaf section.  The festival has been running for an amazing 41 years; the World of the Deaf section has been part of it since 2009 and has grown in popularity since then, with lots of Deaf people attending.  Gradually, the Douarenenez Film Festival has become almost fully accessible to deaf people.

The festival’s main mission is to highlight the struggles that minority groups face.  Double Discrimination, a thought-provoking documentary about racism in the Deaf community, will be shown there with French subtitles. 

Many congratulations, Rinkoo, from all of us at BSLBT!