Samuel Dore, the director of our upcoming drama Supersonic, has written about the rehearsals for the film. Read on to find out more.

As we have a Deaf Black cast it’s very important we ensure the dialogue feels and looks as authentic as possible, but being a White Deaf person I’m often unfamiliar with signs by the Black Deaf community!

So, throughout auditions, the read-through with the cast and initial rehearsals, it’s been a joy having them contribute to the script with signs that Black Deaf people use everyday. This is already giving Supersonic a real identity.

We are working with a script written by Cihan Narin, who hasn’t got much experience writing for a Deaf film but it doesn’t matter, he’s writing as a mainstream screen writer, leaving us to translate his words into natural BSL.

This often means reducing the number of words and in a few instances, ditching lines of dialogue in favour of expressions, subtle character actions and so forth.

Actions speak louder than words - which is very apt for a BSL-led Deaf drama like Supersonic.

Crucially, we are working with a group of fresh Deaf acting talent which again is bringing a real identity to Supersonic, they each have that raw talent we need for the film, nothing too polished.

Granted, this means I have to work with them closely unlike working with established, experienced actors. But all this hard work will be worth it as I have the responsibility of providing a Black Deaf drama dealing with an estranged father and son relationship, and the existence of ordinary people with extraordinary special powers.

By Samuel Dore

Photo by Stef Keegan