The Deaflympics flame, which was lit at a ceremony in Paris on Sunday (see video below) is set to arrive at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva later on today, as the latest step on its journey to Sofia, Bulgaria, in time for the opening ceremony.

There, it will be met by a delegation from the World Federation of the Deaf (including the BSLBT's Chief Executive, Terry Riley, in his capacity as a board member of the WFD) and representatives from the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, as well as representatives from the Swiss Federation of the Deaf.

The flame was lit on Sunday at Stade Pershing in Paris, home of the world's first Silent Games in 1924. It was then carried to the a café where Deaf sports leaders first had the idea for the games. From Paris, the flame was carried on two wheels by cyclists, who will arrive later on today in Geneva.

The flame relay aims to raise awareness of Deaf sport in general and of the importance of safe bicycle lanes to Deaf cyclists. The Sofia 2013 Deaflympics will be the 22nd edition of the games that started in Paris. More than 3,000 Deaf athletes are expected from more than 90 countries, competing in 18 sports.

You will be able to follow the progress of British athletes in the Deaflympics here on the BSL Zone website. On the 16th July, 10 days before the games begin, a series of profiles of the athletes involved will be shown on this site.

During the games from 26th July - 4th August, we will also have daily updates of all the highs and lows from Sofia!

In the video below, courtesy of the official Deaflympics site, you can see the flame being lit in Paris.