Last year, Sahera Khan made a web-only clip for the BSL Zone called He Stood Me Up (directed by Raabia Hussain).

She has now gone on to write, edit and star in her next film, Audiology (directed by Samira Mohammed) which can now be seen on YouTube. We asked her about the process of making the film.

What did you learn from making He Stood Me Up?

I learned a few things: about filming different shots, working on the camera and also focusing on acting. 

Raabia was a great director and we worked well together, and I learned a lot from her style of filmmaking. I also realised filming takes longer than I had thought - over two hours.

How did that help with making Audiology?

After He Stood Me Up, I produced some ideas for short films and applied for some Deaf productions. Unfortunately I didn't get through but I am so pleased I have made progress and I am very glad I made a film for the BSL Zone.

So I was determined to make another short film, and that was Audiology.

What inspired you to make the film?

The reason I made it because of the news on Deaf videos, social networks, and the Deaf community about the NHS, and poor audiology services - lots of things are happening on a daily basis.

I thought that it would be good to make a film that anybody can watch and relate to with humour.

Where did the idea for Audiology come from?

The title was originally Battery Replacement! Then I changed it.

The idea popped into my head and then I produced the story, because the most important thing for anyone who wears cochlear implants or hearing aids is batteries. They need to collect them regularly. 

Although it's a fact that I don’t wear hearing aids at all!

Are you happy with the final film?

Yes very much, but it was very hard work, editing the film. It was hard to find the right music to add to the film and I found some shots weren't enough.

But I have to give big praise to Samira who directed the film and helped me with the script and storyboard. Plus the brilliant actor Brian Davies and actress Charmain Bennett.

We all worked well as a team, despite having no budget and only one day to film it.

In the future I hope I can find a small amount of money to pay a semi-professional cameraperson and to include subtitles and sounds in the editing.

Watch Sahera's film Audiology on YouTube by clicking here: