When our Outreach team set up their stall at the City Lit college's Deaf Day event a few months ago, they got a pleasant surprise.

They were approached by Ann Jillings, who is the mother of a seven year old Deaf boy called Daniel. She told them that Daniel was such a big fan of our series Secret Lab, that he'd made his own tribute video!

In the video, Daniel dresses up in the clothing usually worn by Secret Lab's presenter, Ramon Woolfe, when he is in character as Professor Knowitall. 

Daniel goes on to investigate the science of popping a balloon. Watch his video (right) to see how he gets on!

Secret Lab is our factual science series aimed at youngsters who are at Key Stage 3 level. There are eight episodes of the series on our website, each 12 minutes long.

The episodes cover topics such as Electricity and Energy, Forces, Space and Gravity, Volcanoes, Aviation, Electromagnetics, Light and Sound. Check them out!

Ann also had some warm words for the BSL Zone. She wrote:

"The programmes you make are so important to the Deaf community and are fully accessible both for Deaf and Hearing people. They give a valuable insight into Deaf culture and issues and the use of BSL in the presentation is so important to the Deaf community.

"Whilst subtitling has helped many people to access television, it still requires a good level of literacy to follow the script and often words are missed or mistakes made. For Deaf children particularly, subtitling is not providing full access whereas programmes such as The Secret Lab are presented in a way that both Deaf and Hearing children can fully understand.

"The Secret Lab also presents scientific information in an entertaining and visual way which all too often Deaf children do not have access to in mainstream schools. As a hearing parent of a Deaf child, I am keen for my son to see good Deaf role models and to be see BSL in everyday use so that he grows up with confidence and pride in his Deaf identity and believe me, your programmes are a very important part of that."

Well done to Daniel!