In this BSL video (right), director David Ellington tells us why he is making a short documentary about Bristol's Centre for Deaf People.

The documentary will be called Lost Community, and it will be available here on the BSL Zone soon.

The documentary is being made with the BSLBT's funding for web clips, and in the video, David explains what his most difficult moments have been, and the effect he is hoping the film will have.

David also responded to the questions in written English, which you can read below.

What is your documentary about?

Lost Community features contributions from a range of Deaf Club members, OAPs, adult and young adults who share their personal experiences and memories of Bristol Deaf club, which now faces an uncertain future.

Why is Bristol Deaf Club so important?

If Bristol Deaf club isn't there anymore, it will definitely affect the Deaf members as they need to gather, relax and communicate with each other, passing on news and so on.

The club also allows Deaf members to arrange various activities and events and to enjoy each other's company.

What have you filmed so far?

I have filmed five contributors who gave me some lovely, moving, interesting insights of their past experiences, and stories.

I filmed mostly inside the building, including some empty rooms such as the skittle alley, reception room and caretaker's room. This helps older Deaf members to remember their experiences.

What was the hardest thing about making your film?

I found it hard when I was interviewing some OAPs and young members to make sure they inlcuded my question in their responses! 

Often, they loved talking about their experiences for a long period, which means I have to decide which bits to cut.

It hit me hard when I filmed in the empty rooms, I felt emotional when I empathised with the old people's memories.

What do you hope to achieve with the film?

This is my fourth documentary. From what I have seen of Lost Community, I feel it will show how important the Deaf community that uses Bristol Deaf club is.

When the Leeds Deaf Club building closed, there no video highlights of the building, capturing people's past experiences. So it seems to me that everything is now lost.

I wanted to capture Bristol Deaf club while it's still there so that people's memories can be passed on to younger generations.