The team behind our documentary about Deaf identity, Found, are making two new episodes and they are looking for contributors. 

Found tells the story of how three Deaf people found the Deaf world and with it, a new identity.

The director, Charlie Swinbourne, has made a YouTube video explaining the search in sign language, with subtitles. You can watch it on the right-hand side of this page. 

The team are looking for people who fit the following four stories:

1. Sport – Deaf people who found the Deaf world when they joined a Deaf sports team 

2. Deaf people from abroad – who came to the UK and found the Deaf community here

3. Deaf school – Deaf people who may have started at mainstream school, and found the Deaf world when they changed to a Deaf school

4. Love – Deaf people who found the Deaf world when they fell in love

Found will be produced by Juggle Productions, who also made the first episode. 

If you know someone who matches this story, just email Charlie Swinbourne at this email address: