We’ve got some brilliant news – Charlie Swinbourne has been nominated for a Royal Television Society (RTS) Yorkshire Award!  He’s up for Best Writer, against the writers for Ackley Bridge and Victoria.  We’ll find out on July 6th whether he’s won or not!

This nomination is for Charlie’s writing for Deaf Funny, which was the first comedy sketch show in BSL.  Sketch shows are dying out, but Deaf Funny has helped to revive them!

Charlie said:  “I'm very honoured to have been nominated for this Writer’s award. It's completely unexpected and whether I win or lose I'm delighted to be nominated in a mainstream category. I'd like to dedicate this nomination to Deaf Funny's amazing Deaf actors, who inspired me in my writing and made my scripts come alive through their beautiful performances. None of this would be possible without them, so a big thanks to our incredible cast!”

Huge congratulations from all of us at BSLBT!