A new report has been released today, which was commissioned by BSLBT.
The report is called Research into the Deaf audience in the UK: a review of evidence. It was conducted by OPM (Office for Public Management).
The aim of the report was to find out more about the audience for BSL Zone programmes.
The report looks at all of the research that has been done about the UK Deaf community and examines what the research can tell us about Deaf people's needs and aspirations.
However, the report shows that very little research has been done which can help BSLBT (or other organisations) to meet the needs and aspirations of the Deaf community.
BSLBT will use the report's findings to guide audience engagement and help with planning, but is now aware that more enhanced knowledge of the Deaf community is needed.
The report highlights opportunities for agencies tackling isolation and social exclusion to work together, and BSLBT is open to discussions and collaboration with other organisations interested in the Deaf community and building a shared understanding of Deaf people's lives.

On the right-hand side of this page, you can watch an executive summary of the report, and you can also download the report and other documents on our website by clicking here.