Deaf Funny 3 & 4 and To Know Him have been selected to be shown at the international Together! Disability Film Festival 2018, which is a one of a kind in the UK.

The festival’s Artistic Director Dr Ju Gosling said: "Each year BSL Zone offers a feast of new films and programmes - I wish we could include them all! Deaf Film is for everyone, and raises awareness of Deaf people's lived experiences, issues and priorities, as well as interesting and entertaining our audiences. The availability of captions also assists our many audience members who have English as an additional language. We hope that Deaf people will also attend the Festival"

The film festival itself will take place between 7th - 9th December 2018, at Old Town Hall Stratford in London.  The full Together! festival is from 23rd November until 14th December - if you are keen to know more about it, click here to check out their website!