Many BSL Zone programmes have been screened around the world, and we're pleased to report a number of screenings of our films.

Zoom films Little World, Admit None, The Big Decisions, and Strangers have been selected to be shown at the Touching Disability Film Festival in Texas in November. Find out more here, and watch them on our site by clicking here.

Our film The End continues to be shown worldwide and to win awards. it is screening in Australia at the Adelaide Film Festival next week along with our drama My Song (more information here).

The End also won the Audience Award at a recent screening of the film by the Nottingham Alternative Film Network.

Meanwhile, Supersonic has been chosen to be shown at the South Norwood and Thornton Heath (SNATH) Free Film Festival, which takes place next week.

Not forgetting, at the end of September, the Zoom films September 11, Life Is A Gift and Double Discrimination were shown at the DMC Muslim Film Festival in the USA. (More information here)