The Board of BSLBT is very pleased to announce that Kerena Marchant has been appointed to the role of Head of Content and will join the Trust on 18th July 2016.

In this role Kerena will lead the commissioning of all BSL Zone content from an editorial and creative perspective and she will give editorial direction and support to programme makers. 

Kerena brings a wealth of programme-making experience to the role. In more than 20 years at the BBC she worked on a variety of programme genres – drama, documentary, news, video diaries, children’s and educational programmes.

She worked with Janet Street Porter on DEF II programming, developing innovative filming and direction, and then took these creative programming styles to the Disability Programmes Unit where she was the founder Editor. Kerena then moved on to educational programmes where she was a pioneer in making programmes for Deaf children. 

In addition to this, for the last 10 years Kerena has been appointed to HM Courts and Tribunals Service as a member of the First Tier Tribunal and sits in the Health, Education and Social Care and Social Security and Child Support Chambers.

Kerena is bi-lingual in BSL and English with a strong Deaf identity. She is a member of the Surrey Deaf forum and a former Chair of Surrey Deaf Children’s Society.