If you watch a programme on the BSL Zone site today, you'll notice something new - the chance to leave your comment in BSL!
Until now, the BSL Zone has only been able to accept comments in written English.
But now, by selecting the video comment option, our viewers can record a comment via a webcam or smartphone.
If you have any problems leaving a comment, please follow these steps:
- Click on video comment
- Give your name and email address
- Click on 'Record Your Video'
- When you see the 'Adobe Flash Player Settings' box, click on 'Allow' then click on the 'Close' box
- Click on 'Record', and sign your comment! When you've finished click on 'Stop'.
- Pick a thumbnail
- Click on 'Submit'
Please note that videos will be watched and moderated and may take a while to show up on the website.
This is a new project which is still in development, so we are very keen to get feedback from our viewers about what they think. This will help us make improvements.
Let us know what you think by email: webeditor@bslbt.co.uk.