The recent See Hear Weekend in Bristol included a very successful special preview screening of Ted Evans To Know Him and Samuel Dore’s Reverberations. Intrigued? Here are a few photos...

Mia Ward and Lisa Kelly

Samuel Dore

Ged McKenna, Jemma Joyce and Hermi Berhane


See Hear’s William Mager said: “To Know Him was a beautiful story, beautifully and simply told, beautifully filmed, and just an amazing experience to watch on a big screen.  It was one of the best films I've seen in a while - and it felt like it transcended deaf filmmaking and became something that tells a universal story which anyone can relate to.”

Sci fi drama Reverberations was also very popular, especially with the younger audience, who loved it.  One audience member said it was an "Important story… this could happen in the future.  I want to know what happens next!"

Many congratulations to all involved in making both films from all of us at BSLBT.  They’ll be on TV, our website and our app soon, so keep an eye on our TV Schedule page for more information!