Two of the BSL Zone's Zoom 2014 films have been chosen for Aesthetica, one of the UK's most prestigious film festivals.

The films chosen are Listen, Even When Your Heart is Crying, by Melissa Mostyn (which was made as part of the Zoom Focus scheme), and The Big Decisions, by John Finn.

In our BSL video, right, Melissa Mostyn explains how excited she is about both films being chosen, and how this means their films' posters can display the festival's laurels. 

The Series Producer of Zoom, Maverick Litchfield-Kelly from Neath Films, said:

“Aesthetica Short Film Festival is a mainstream international film festival and being in the official selection means that both films will be eligible to be submitted for the BAFTA awards in 2016. Only a select number of festivals worldwide are BAFTA qualifying, so this is a massive achievement for films in BSL."

The Aesthetica festival will be held in York in November. For more information, click here.