Deaf people have until 5pm on Monday to reply to Ofcom's consultation on BSL on television.

For more information, watch the BSL summary video (right). 

The BSLBT, which commissions the programmes shown here on the BSL Zone, is funded by contributions from a number of small TV channels. 

Those channels can choose to either arrange their own sign interpretation on their programmes, or pay towards programmes made by the BSLBT.

Ofcom is asking 6 questions, including whether the amount that broadcasters pay towards the production of BSL television programmes should increase. 

It is also asking whether the current requirement for the small TV channels to provide 30 minutes of BSL interpretation a month should increase.

The response of Deaf people to the consultation is important because it will tell Ofcom what Deaf people would like to happen.

You can read the consultation document on Ofcom's website by clicking here, and you can respond online by clicking here (if you have problems sending your response by email, please email