Here is a BSL interview with Camilla Arnold, the Producer of our brand-new two part documentary, World War II: Unheard Memories.

The documentary features Deaf people's previously hidden memories of wartime in Britain, which are explained in BSL.

Here are some excerpts from Camilla's interview:

"Now the documentary has finished I feel relieved. We did a lot of work going out and filming, editing, so it's a relief! But now I feel nervous about it being released - what will people think? How will they react?"

"In the edit we talked about whether the documentary should follow themes or whether the [clips from the interviews] should be random. We discussed it for about two weeks before deciding the order."

"[The Deaf community] have never really known about the war, we always thought Deaf people couldn't be involved because they weren't allowed in the army but Deaf people worked in factories, and worked together to keep Britain safe and protected."

"I really hope this is a documentary that will be used for a long time - for education, and for enjoyment."

Part 1 of World War II: Unheard Memories will be shown on TV and online from Monday 13th October, with Part 2 being shown one week later, from Monday 20th October. These programmes were made by Remark Media.