There was great news for Deaf people in Scotland on Friday when it was announced that the BSL (Scotland) Bill had been passed in the Scottish Parliament.

According to the BDA, this will mean better access, inclusion and "a sense of belonging" in Scotland.

The charity also says that this will improve prospects for young Deaf people and will improve quality of life in health, elderly care, leisure, employment and the arts.

Bob Duncan, who is co-producing a documentary for the BSL Zone called The Battle for BSL with was there. He said:

"The atmosphere in the Debating Chamber of the Scottish Parliament was quite electrifying.

Every MSP who spoke, from every political party, spoke in favour of the Bill, including Dr Alasdair Allan, Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages. But of course, until the vote is taken, you can never be certain.

Finally, at 5.05pm, the Presiding Officer came to the vote on the British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill. She said, "Are we all agreed?” Every MSP in the Chamber, including Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, said “Yes”, and at that moment we knew that the BSL Bill would become an Act.

The Public Gallery erupted with BSL applause, clapping and cheering. Although officially the public are not supposed to cheer or applaud, most of the MSPs turned round and applauded the Gallery, the majority of whom were Deaf.

It was an emotional moment. Many people were in tears, and there was lots of hugging. My only regret was that my wife, who is Deaf, and our Deaf son and hearing daughter, could not be there with me to share the moment.

It was a day that will make history for them and for many Deaf people and their families, not only in Scotland, but I feel confident across the UK."