On the right-hand side of this page, you can see a BSL interview with Deaf filmmaker Melissa Mostyn, in which she signs about her recent visit to the CINDEAF Deaf film festival in Rome.

Melissa's Zoom Focus documentary Listen, Even When Your Heart is Crying was selected for the festival, and she was invited to fly to Rome to attend a screening and introduce her film.

In her video, she explains that she was interested in seeing how her film was viewed by an international audience - and finding out what they thought.

She also explains what it was like to see her film on the big screen, was like to explain her intentions for the film to the audience using International Sign.

The feedback she got from Deaf Italians was positive, with her film being nominated for the Best Documentary award at the festival, and she also saw how the Italian audience look up to British Deaf films, with many being shown at the festival.

Finally, she explains why it's so important for filmmakers to travel to festivals around the world, which could lead to other opportunities.

Watch Melissa's documentary by clicking here.