Our Belfast showcase, held in mid-November, was a resounding success, with 60 people in attendance at the Crescent Arts Centre.
On the right-hand side of this page, you can see a video of the event, including feedback from audience members, and a photo gallery too!

Our Outreach Worker Steven Wynne said: "It went really well - everyone arrived and socialised in the cafe area with a tea or coffee! They all were talking about the BSL Zone and they were looking forward to watching the programmes on the big screen and finding out what the panel had to say."
The audience watched the documentary Crossing the Divide and clips that showcased the talents of Deaf people from Northern Ireland. There was also a taste of the BSL Zone's upcoming half hour comedy drama with a screening of the short film Four Deaf Yorkshiremen.
In Belfast, many people use Irish Sign Language (ISL) so which form of sign language did they use at the showcase? Steven says: "People in the community use a mixture of both BSL and ISL, so we had an ISL interpreter there, which was invaluable!"

The MC at the event was Adam McCormick, who led the questions during the question and answer sessions following the films and programmes, with many questions being linked to the Northern Ireland Deaf community and the panel's media experiences.
The panellists for the first session were Ashley Kendall, Sebastien Cunliffe, Richard Beattie and Paula Clarke, with the second panel featuring Cathy Heffernan, Steven Wynne and Terry Riley
Steven said: "The audience really enjoyed the evening and valued the BSL Zone coming to Belfast to share our programmes and to celebrate BSL Zone programme contributors in NI. The Q&A sessions also gave them a greater insight into how the BSL Zone works."

Steven also found a connection with the city. He said: "Belfast is beautiful with lot of history. I enjoyed visiting and meeting the community who were friendly and welcoming towards me and the team!"
Photos by Naomi Broughton.