Rinkoo Barpaga’s film about racism in the Deaf community, Double Discrimination, has been screened in France recently.  More good news: the First International Meeting of Deaf Art in Chile have selected it for their film screenings on 12th-16th March (with new Spanish subtitles)!

RInkoo said: “My documentary, Double Discrimination, has been gaining popularity with international audiences since it was released in 2015. I found it very interesting that the film festival in Chile wants to show it, because I understand that there are major problems with racism in South America. I have been asked to show the film in France, Chile, and Italy. After a screening in the south of France, I received many enquiries and questions. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one month later, an anti-racism campaign was started in the south of France and that a sign language film could have been an influence on this. I hope to make more hard-hitting documentaries in the future.”

Many congratulations, Rinkoo, from all at BSLBT.