On this site, you can now see Andre Hedger's web clip all about his life as a climber.

We asked Andre to tell us what it was like making his film, and this is what he told us:

How long have you been climbing for?

My family have been climbing for generations which has inspired me to climb as soon as I started walking.
How did the production go?
The production was slightly stressful having to climb and manage the shoots myself.
I had to repeat climbing moves to get the right shot which was truly exhausting.
Shooting outdoors was slightly easier. No storyboards were planned, I just went with the flow on the day.
What was editing like?
I was lucky to be working with Alex Baxter who is one of the best editors in the country. 
It was  tricky with voice-overs matching the signing which seemed to be stalling a lot due the lack of experience I had in this field.
How do you feel about the final film?
Overall, I am pretty pleased with the film, I just find watching myself very cheesy!

Watch Andre's clip now on this page, or click here.