As part of the BSL Zone's Wicked series, new Deaf filmmakers were given the chance to make a short film with support from Remark, who made the series.

Now, the BSL Zone is showing all of the Wicked Seeds films as stand-alone films for the first time!

The latest Wicked Seeds to be shown is Will She or Won't She? by Aliya GulamaniYou can watch her film on the right-hand side of this page.

We asked Aliya for her memories of making the film. Here is what she said!

I really enjoyed making this film, it was my first time as an editor, director and film-writer, so I learnt a huge amount in one go!

It was a lot of fun and although we had a few set-backs on the way, with the help of some wonderful friends, it finally came together.

I really enjoyed seeing the final film and more so, the making of it, as I think it captured the journey and the fantastic relationships between the cast and crew.

I learnt a lot technically about how to make a film, such as using a video camera, how to edit and think about light and sound.

I also learnt about practical aspects as preparing food for the cast and crew, casting people, thinking on my feet and working within the very short time slot given.

Despite these hard lessons, the whole experience was absolutely great fun as there's a certain (and contagious) sense of elation that pushes the project forward and which persists after its finished!