We are pleased to report that our short film 4, which was directed by Bim Ajadi, has been selected for two film festivals and one screening.

The film is about a young Deaf man who is challenged to a game of Connect 4, only to find that this is no ordinary game.

The festivals and screenings 4 will be showing at are:

Daisy Fest 2014 (website here: http://www.daisyfest.co.uk)

Viewster Online Film Fest (http://festival.viewster.com)

London Filmmakers Network (https://www.facebook.com/filmnetwork)

4 was made as part of the BSl Zone's new web-only fund, which gives Deaf filmmakers up to £1000 to make a film exclusively to be shown on our site.Find out more here.

Watch 4 by clicking here.