Under the Lamp: Paddy Ladd

Julian Peedle-Calloo interviews Dr Paddy Ladd about Deafhood

Under the Lamp is the BSL Zone's chat show featuring notable people from the Deaf community. In this clip, Julian Peedle-Calloo interviews Dr Paddy Laddwho created the concept of Deafhood. Paddy explains the concept and talks about its growing worldwide popularity.

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  • Very interesting watch.  Abolutely loved it that it was a signed interview with voiceover and subtitles because it was ME who needed them.  
    Two things in the interview stood out for me:
    that deaf people have ways with regards to teaching that hearing don't have; and
    I am confident that with some language support (because my BSL is abismal) I can develop a visual method of learning to read, side-stepping oralism - other than reading being the skill to decipher the graphically symbolic form of speach
    I came across Deafhood as part of my research to support my dissertation, which is D/deaf children in mainstream schools.  The plan is to publish a paper and also to expand it into a book that educates teachers.  I am studying for an MA Education (SEND), even though I am not from a teaching background - life does funny things sometimes, but when you are spiritual, you trust in a way that others don't. 
    Paddy, Wishing you further and great success in getting hearing people to listen - hearing people have a saying: there's none so deaf as those who don't want to hear.  And in my experience hearing educators certainly fit the saying.
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