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Punk Chef: Programme 4

Punk Chef tries to help Robert Foster eat more healthily

Punk Chef has a mission: to get the Deaf community eating better, cooking better and feeling better! In this episode, Punk Chef travels to the Isle of Wight to meet Robert Forster, who says he is fat and proud! Despite studying at catering college, Robert lives on takeaways, and his friends are worried. His favourite food is chips, pizza, hot dogs and burgers. Can Punk Chef convert him to a healthier lifestyle? Watch it and find out! Presented by Scott Garthwaite.

Click here to download the recipes from this episode!

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I came across this and watch each one and thought all punk chef is great ... I love to watch other cooking show but this one beat them all hope to see many more from punk chef
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Fascinating!! Especially cooking in the front of people in a public place! I could feel for Rob. Bless him! Just wondering if revisiting him and others in previous programs in next six months, rather than one month afterwards, would it make any difference?
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Apologies for the delay, the recipes are now available above.

Charlie (Web Editor)
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Hi wow congrats to you re chef as proud deaf a personal as I love watch so yes of course I am deaf xx
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Can I have recipes please? (Chef 1: Programme 4)
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Plz give me repict of burger with wedges I can't find it on ur website
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