The Hub 3:7 (August 2013)

News and current affairs in BSL

News and current affairs magazine programme for the sign language community, presented by Gavin Lilley and Elizabeth Bojas. In this episode, Jackie Knight reports on same-sex marriage, which has recently become law in England and Wales. There is a studio discussion with Manuela Rossmar and Dani Sive, who discuss how the Deaf gay and lesbian community feel about the change in legislation. Plus, Alison Spear reports on one woman's struggle to get the right support from Access to Work. Finally, there is a look at BSL Pride Day, including an interview with organiser Jonathan Nelson. Don't miss it!

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  • Thanks for the studio discussion on 'same-sex marriage, but it's best to invite guests with opposing views......this will allow a balanced outcome, resulting in the topic becoming educational for your audiences.

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