The Hub 3:5 (June 2013)

News and current affairs in BSL

News-based magazine programme for the sign language community, presented by Gavin Lilley and Elizabeth Bojas. This episode looks at Deaf athletes and we talk to representatives from UK Deaf Sports about their preparations for the Deaflympics. We find out what the BBC is doing to improve access for Deaf people and take a look at the quality of life for Deaf people on the Isle of Man and how it can be improved. Will employing a 'Deaf Champion' help? Watch it to find out!

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  • awwwwww sophie you look great there, need to do my nails :P bet you cant wait to go back the isle of man to your mum, i know you really miss her xxx mum your soo good on there to talking about me with everything about deaf etc xxxx
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  • So interesting about the Isle of Man. That makes me want to fight for their rights! Yet, I have a couple of that man who runs DeafWay hearing or deaf? and...why don't those deaf residents move to somewhere else for better access systems?
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  • We in USA have same problem. We try our best.
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  • Great clip which I watched with subtitles. I agree with them that there is no excuse with BBC not to provide BSL all the time, even for key events. After all we pay the tv license.

    But I would like to add this is also the case for those who rely on subtitles too. We miss out, as subtitles seem to break down and missing, yet other programmes can cope with them live. We pay for our tv license too, and so expect subtitles to be on everything like signers do with BSL.

    It is the 21st century and so excuses for not providing either of these that BBC give, are just not acceptable anymore.
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