The Hub 3:1 (February 2013)

News and current affairs

News-based magazine programme for the sign language community, presented by Gavin Lilley and Elizabeth Bojas. In this episode, Matthew Gurney reports on the Access to Work scheme, which is designed to support Deaf and disabled people in their jobs. With ongoing fraud investigations now taking place, what is the future for the scheme? John Walker joins Gavin and Elizabeth in the studio to give his views. Meanwhile, reporter Nadia Nadarajah travels to Paris for the 300th anniversary of deaf educator Abbe De l’Epee, and while there, also finds out about a scam involving gangs who pretend to be Deaf to gain money from tourists. Don’t miss it.

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  • What a wonderful programme
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  • I feel that one should avoid using the way one sign "a long nose" for Bulgaria. I recently was in Bulgaria and chatted with a Bulgarian. His sign is one hand on one side of mouth "wavy moustache". In this age of discrimination and political attitude one should be more careful!
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  • I enjoyed watch Hub Programme at work during lunch hour and those two presenter are brilliant. Many thanks for up to date about Access To Work and to be aware that not only in France.

    I happen to know one of my friend mention to me that in Spain, a hearing person pretend to be deaf and mute and use a card to ask for money. She recogisned that the person is not deaf and told her other friends to be aware of this. It seem lots of othern countries are not aware of this.

    Keep up the good work!!!

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  • I am deaf,and I am boy.I hope there in BSL wil help me apply for job or club any.
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  • I never do anything like this but after watching the Hub's latest programme, I felt compelled to email you - wanted to say how much I enjoy your Hub programmes especially when I watch See Hear too. I must say the difference in both programmes are huge, See Hear is rather dated while yours is new and very refreshing.

    It is also nice to have different reporters, I feel this is important as it reflects the rich variety of our deaf community.

    I enjoy the variety of issues covered and long may it continue!

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