Small World 2: Episode 2

Is Laura’s signed song performance the answer to Ryan and Alfonso's eviction problem?

Sitcom. With Laura still reeling from bad news and The Landlord’s Wife on the rampage, Ryan and Alfonso need to find some way to pay the rent. Perhaps selling out to sign-singing is the answer? Starring Adam Bassett, Brian Duffy, Ilan Dwek, Paula Garfield, Ben Rufus Green, Vilma Jackson Ace Mahbaz, David Sands and Sophie Stone.  Directed by Louis Neethling and produced for BSLBT by Mutt & Jeff Pictures.

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  • Nice surprise!Fabulous to see Paula and Vilma (yes more actresses).Very funny Landlord and his wife - nice to see a new character was revealed. Also very funny about rats story and soooo funny when they were in Alfsono’s room and conversation - embarrassing LOL!Poor Sophie and also so pooooooor Graham!Hand waves at Chris - he is always right! LOL!Looking forward next one!
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  • Other laugh show, it is the best one it made me laugh all the time.
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  • Another brilliant episode. So funny. Npice to see two more women appear. Sophie fixing things & sign singing made me laugh a lot!
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