Old and Deaf, What To Do

A Swiss documentary about issues facing elderly Deaf people.

Filmed in Switzerland and France, this documentary explores elderly Deaf people’s experiences of isolation while living in old people’s homes, comparing homes for Deaf people only with mixed Deaf/hearing residences.  It also also looks at the difference it makes when people who work with elderly Deaf people can sign or are Deaf themselves, and acknowledges the importance of spending time with other Deaf people. What is life currently like for older Deaf people in Switzerland and what can be done in future?

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  • i tthink UK should have own deaf nursing home for older people because its makes easier for everyone OR have section in nursing home like one in Lille which could work
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  • Good programme to show how this can be done it's a pity that in UK it doesn't happen especially after the last Deaf home (Foley House) closed down and all the Deaf people dispersed to hearing homes so they now become increasingly isolated 
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  • We need to rethink how we, as Deaf community, provide for our Deaf OAPs and their care in the coming years. Deaf people usually are "last" to be given support. We need to be proactive and see how we can coordinate and gather necessary resources. Perhaps we need to set up several centres for Deaf pensioners across the UK. With the current political climate, I do not know if we could see any support coming from the Government (never mind about Brexit). What has BDA to say about this issue?? This film raises many valid points to consider about.
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