Live streamed interview: 13th December 2017

Fifi Garfield interviews Raabia Hussain and Mia Ward.

Live streamed programme: Fifi Garfield interviews Raabia Hussain (Life Stories and Up For It?) and Mia Ward (Up For It? and Reverberations) about their experiences behind and in front of the camera throughout 2017. The three of them discuss the highs and lows of working in the media, how they got to where they are now and the importance of following your heart.

This BSL interview was produced by BSLBT and was originally streamed via Facebook Live.

Click here to read an English transcript of the interview, based on live voiceovers by Darren Townsend-Handscomb, Karen Newby and Tara Asher.

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  • fantastic interview. exciting to see film. i want to see your film raabia where it come out? these three are engeric. beutiful, strong bsl best one. i want see more and more question please.
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