Fairytale of London Town

A bittersweet modern-day fairytale

Comedy-drama about three Deaf women who face three very different Christmases before an unexpected event throws them together. There doesn’t seem to be much to look forward to at Yuletide for put-upon Veronica, hotel cleaner Karen and unhappily married Sally, but when Veronica finds herself in her hour of need, will the other women rally around her? Watch this modern fairytale to find out. Starring Caroline Parker, Patsy Palmer and Sarah Beauvoisin, Fairytale of London Town is the second collaboration between director Louis Neethling and writer Rebecca Atkinson, who previously made Coming Home.

This film has full subtitles for both deaf and hearing viewers.

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  • I'm not deaf but I enjoyed the video and it was lovely to see the deaf girls empowering themselves. It is good to rememberthat a disability of any kind is not a weakness - thank you
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  • that was fantastic ! As a hearing person learing sign and about culture was brilliant thanks for sharing x
    Posted on
  • l enjoyed the story of Fairytale of London Town the only problem l had was the lighting which made it difficult to see signs and lip read .
    Posted on
  • Thaks so much for all these films; they are wonderful. These clips have been a great help to my studies in BSL level 2.

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  • Brilliant! We need to see more of that!!
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  • Good and funny!
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  • I'm enjoy want more sign language . But hear about talk
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  • This film was the best ever! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeed this film so much! That was so funny about deaf women who faced 3 VERY different christmasses!
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  • I have read all your series of filming as I felt it would bring more impact to the hearing to be aware of what deaf means to themselves. I'm deaf and qualified BSL level 6 and coming up level 5 diploma teaching sector hopefully this month. It's very interesting to watch their character,bring the problems then solved it at the end which I love to watch. I shake my both hands in the air (applause). I have 4 ( soon 5) years old daughter who is hearing and great signing to us and spoken BSL to deaf people.

    I wish that your programmes will be continue ! I appreciate your hard work and loves to hear more details and the acting stage too.

    Well done!

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