We want short video clips for the BSL Zone website. The clips can be from one to seven minutes long.

We are looking for interesting ideas so if you have a good story (eg: an interview, an animation, a d/Deaf event or a short drama) which you want to record and edit into a short clip then let us know. The film must appeal to the d/Deaf BSL community.

We will choose the best ideas and you could get a budget of £300-£1,000 to make your video clip.

Below are some examples which show a range of different ideas.

Bag - Wicked Seeds:


Jump and shoot - Zoom:


Interview with photographer Emma Amsden:


How a Deaf woman escaped from the recent floods:


To apply, send an email to maggie@bslbt.co.uk in BSL or in written English with:

  • Your idea
  • How long your clip would be
  • Who would make this video clip
  • Why you think the d/Deaf community would want to watch it

If you would like to meet and talk to us about an idea, send an email in BSL or English to maggie@bslbt.co.uk.