Samuel Dore is the writer / director of a brand new film for BSL Zone called Reverberations. It is a science fiction film with Deaf characters, being produced by Screen Northants.  It will be filmed in Milton Keynes and Northampton for six days in September, with a few days beforehand for rehearsals. This is their casting call:

We have some important roles we need to cast Deaf BSL actors for. All actors must be 18 years old or over. Ideally we are looking for actors who have film experience. However, if you don't, please still get in touch, as we're keen to develop new talent.

These are paid roles and we welcome actors from all ethnic backgrounds. We will hold auditions in London and Northampton soon.

So please take a look at what we are looking for.

Female, 18-21, Deaf, fluent in BSL, assertive, determined and athletic, a natural leader but impulsive and headstrong, does things without thinking of the consequences, she has the weight of the future on her shoulders and doesn’t hesitate to do what needs to be done to save the future.

Female, 18-21, Deaf, bright, ambitious, caring and confident as a Deaf person who has embraced her Deafhood, she is an university student and Deaf student union rep who befriends Sam and is the opposite of her, she is calm and sensible but deep inside, like Sam, she is worried about the future.

Male, 18-21, Oral-Deaf, uses SSE and has fairly good speech skills, he is unconfident about his Deafness, he is stuck between hearing and Deaf worlds and doesn’t have the courage to communicate the way he needs to and instead tries to lipread people and pretend he understands.

Male, Sam’s older brother, 21-25, Deaf, fluent in BSL, very similar to his sister; strong, determined and athletic who also has the weight of the future on his shoulders but his sister has to do the job.

Female, 18-21, Deaf, fluent in BSL, Sam’s best friend and a fellow university student, she has embraced her Deafhood like Daisy but finds herself in danger.

Unnamed role
Male, 35-45, we are looking for a Deaf actor who is fluent in BSL but also has good speech as he will become fully oral later in the film. His character is a dangerous and determined man who will go to great lengths to stop Sam and Ethan.

If you would like to audition for any of the roles, please contact us via either as a video message or email, and feel free to ask any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline - 12 noon Monday 19th June.