Our six-month BSL Zone Ambassador scheme ended with a lovely Christmas lunch for all involved. The Ambassadors have done a fantastic job for BSLBT by promoting the BSL Zone in their own community. They have visited Deaf Clubs, various project workshops, social events and met many deaf people to share information about the BSL Zone. They shared their pride in promoting our high quality programmes - all made by Deaf people.

Here is some feedback from them about their experiences of the Ambassador scheme:
‘I have improved my confidence working in the deaf community’
‘I enjoyed sharing BSL Zone information with deaf people’.
'I was proud to tell Deaf people about our Deaf programmes'

Now the scheme has ended, what will the Ambassadors be doing?

Raabia Hussain is now in her first year studying film and moving image at Leeds Metropolitan University. She would like to direct another film for BSL Zone.

Khima Thapa is waiting to gain a place at college to study. She will keep sharing information about the BSL Zone to the deaf community.

Erika Levi is temporarily working as a researcher at Remark! and looking forward to returning to University of Northumbria to complete her Media Production Course.

James Clarke continued to focus on completing his 100 medals in running the distance ranging from 10k to full marathons. Wish him all the best of the luck for his target.

All of them were wonderful representatives of our first-ever group of BSL Zone Ambassadors!  A big thank you to them for all their hard work and the very best of luck for the future.