This information can also be downloaded as a PDF document by clicking here.

1. Programme running length
Your programme must be between 27 and 28 minutes – including the BSL Zone Bumpers.

2. Clearances
All content must be cleared for all media in perpetuity unless agreed with BSLBT. Release forms must be obtained for all contributors, locations and copyright material.

3. Music
All music must be cleared as above. BSLBT has an agreement with Audio Network which gives programme makers unlimited use of music from their online library at no cost to the production.

4. Voice-over 
Factual programme budgets should allow for the recording of voice-over.

5. Compliance
All programmes must comply with OFCOM guidelines and be suitable for family viewing. The website link to the OFCOM Broadcasting Code is

6. Approvals and Delivery.
A BSLBT Executive Producer will be assigned to your programme. S/he will work with you and the BSLBT Head of Production to agree the Programme Specification (see below). S/he will then approve the scripts and the edit at agreed stages. Usually the scripts are approved online, and the first rough cut and the fine cut are attended/approved in person.

BSLBT uses an online application called Rapid View. Programmes should be uploaded here for remote viewing. You will be given login details.

The title of the programme and the end credits must be approved by the Head of Production at BSLBT. The final programme title must be no more than 34 characters including spaces.

BSLBT (The Head of Production/Production Manager/Executive Producer) must view the finished programme (Final Viewing), by upload on Rapid View, before delivery.

Programme delivery is by digital file to West Digital. They do the tec review, and make the file DPP compliant (Digital Production Partnership) before onward delivery to the Broadcasters. BSLBT pays for the first tec review and DPP file creation. If the programme fails you will be charged for fixes and further reviews and file creation.

The editorial compliance review is managed by the Community Channel.

No programme is considered completed until all digital files have passed compliance and tech review.

Final payment is withheld until all digital files and paperwork have been delivered and the final cost statement given.

7. Health and Safety

Production Companies must have a Health and Safety policy. BSLBT has a simple Health and Safety questionnaire, which needs completing by the Producer on confirmation of the commission.

8. Insurance 

BSLBT has a blanket Insurance policy which we request that you use. We consider this bespoke policy adequate to cover all BSLBT productions. It includes errors and omissions insurance once the programme has aired. This is charged at 0.5% of the Production Budget, which we will deduct from the final payment

9. Programme Specification Form

This document is extremely important as it summarises the editorial and logistical plans for the programme. It encapsulates the key elements of the programme which the producer is expected to deliver. If significant changes are made during production which conflict with this, then you must notify the BSLBT EP immediately. Changes must also be noted in the progress reports sent to the BSLBT Production Manager.

10. Main programme deliverables: Digital video deliverables

West Digital (deliver on hard drive):

  • Full-Res of Broadcast Programme Master (with subtitles)
  • Full-Res of BSL Version (subtitles on spoken dialogue only) 
  • Full-Res of International Version (no subtitles with textless elements[1])
  • Full-Res of Promo (with subtitles)
  • 1 x digital copy of audio files

Uploaded to Rapid View:

  • SRT file of Subtitled Version (with subtitles)
  • SRT file of BSL Version (subtitles on spoken dialogue only)
  • Low-Res of Subtitled Version (with subtitles)            
  • Low-Res of BSL Version (subtitles on spoken dialogue only)
  • Low-Res of Promo (with subtitles)

Community Channel:

  • BITC DVD of Broadcast Programme Master


  • non-BITC DVD (with no bars, tone or programme clock) of Broadcast Programme Master

[1] International Version = Any graphic elements that have text in English should be included after 2 minutes at the end of the non-subtitled programme, with the English text removed. We do not require time codes or a log of this.