Making programmes for BSLBT

Invitation to tender for a television drama series

We are looking for a drama series, to be shown on television in spring 2015.

Ideally we want a series of eight programmes, linked in some way (eg through plot, characters or place) but we will also consider series with fewer episodes.

As many characters as possible must be BSL users, and at least 80% of the content must be in BSL. This is the creative challenge of telling stories for the BSL Zone.

The drama will not be dubbed with voiceover, but must have open subtitles. We cannot accept dramas that have any violent, scary or inappropriate scenes.

The total budget for an eight-part series will be approximately £340K.

Please email our Head of Production and Distribution Maggie by 30th April if you have ideas you would like to discuss. We will then arrange a meeting to talk them through.

After the meeting, if you decide to submit a proposal, we will send you the full tender documents. At that stage you will need a producer and production company attached to the project.

The deadline to submit the full tender to us will be 31st July 2014.

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